Meaning of Building material

Construction material, basically these are the material used for construction purposes with some desirable properties. These desirable properties depend upon engineering requirements for that particular construction. It may happen that sometimes the characteristics of a material are suitable for particular construction but not suitable for other types of construction.

Role of an Engineer or in other word “Our Team”

We should mainly focus on the following

  • Properties of material, desirable for that particular project
  • Desirable properties of the materials
  • Assessment of desirable properties “MEANS TESTING OF MATERIALS”
  • Quality control during construction
  • Quality assurance ” to follow the latest Code of Practice, and Maintain the record as per the latest code of practice”
  • And finally, All the above with Economy

Economy of the project depends upon availability of materials

These materials may be available either naturally or to be manufactured. The availability of material plays a major role in the economy of the project. Locally available material with desirable engineering properties may reduce the cost of the project. The cost reduction of the material may be due to the following

  • Transportation Cost of the materials
  • Labor cost
  • Probability of damages to the material
  • or you can find out ????

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